Frogs Rugby was formed in 1999 by a Scotsman by the name of Adrian Nicolson who was also affectionately known as "Froggy" by his mates. He played rugby as a wee lad while growing up in Scotland, England and Hong Kong and them moved to the good old USA and joined the Chicago WestSide Condors.

Adrian played eight years with the WestSide Condors and then decided he was getting too old, slow and lazy but did not want to give up all the fun and incredible joy that Rugby brings to life so thus he formed the Chicago Frogs Rugby Club. The passion and camaraderie that has been around since the inception of the Frogs has been unsurpassed. We have toured the world and celebrated life and are true to our logo - Follow Your Heart !

We welcome players from all clubs and all playing levels and we always make sure everyone plays and has a great experience being part of the Frogs.

Please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to make you part of our Brotherhood. You will not regret it !!! Yes, nowadays I wake up after a match and I'm sore for a week - I get all sorts of strange aches and pains from playing this game so long, but more importantly I always feel the incredible joy at the amazing people that I have met through rugby. This game is a very important part of my life and if it happens to end on a rugby pitch then I can think of no better place to go.

Carpe Diem. The Past is Gone, The Future is Unknown so Live for the Day !!

Love and Licks, Froggy and Max The Rat